Album Review: Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness


Like so many others, I’ve grown up with Andrew McMahon. Whether it was Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin or his self-titled work, his journey of growing up, being diagnosed with Leukemia in 2005 and his recovery has shone through his music and inspired me as I grew up.

I was sad when I heard the announcement of the disbandment of Jack’s Mannequin, but knew Andrew wouldn’t be leaving music forever.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the Pop Underground EP’s electronic-type sound, Andrew’s new release, “Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness” brings a bit of that sound mixed with later Jack’s Mannequin and I’m really loving it.

Over the last year, McMahon and his wife have had a baby, a major life change that brings new inspiration to his music.

The album features several tracks about his current life, including lead single “Cecelia And The Satellite” about his new daughter, and my personal favorite, “Maps For The Getaway”, which makes for a great closer, something he’s mastered over the course of his many records.

The use of piano is strong throughout, and some of the verses callback to the glory days of SoCo and Jack’s Mannequin. I found that particularly evident on “All Our Lives”, “See Her On The Weekend”, “Halls” and “Maps For The Getaway”. There’s nothing hugely sweeping, and many tracks are great for just laying on your bed, listening and relaxing.

If you’re a fan of Andrew in any incarnation, you’ll find something to love on “Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness”.


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