Album Review: Relient K – “Collapsible Lung”


While it may not be as conceptual or flow as well as “Forget And Not Slow Down”, Relient K’s new full-length, “Collapsible Lung” is still a solid release.

The band used co-writers on this one for some reason, even though singer Matt Thiessen is a solid songwriter, and as a result, the lyrics are slightly cheesy.

The album feels more like a collection of different songs then a complete album, but I’m not totally bothered by it. Several songs feature synths, which seems to be the popular thing these days.

The album’s opener, “Don’t Blink”, feels like Relient K, while “Boomerang” is catchy, but sounds like the band trying to appeal to the radio-pop crowd.

“Can’t Complain” has some reggae undertones, while “PTL” is synthy, but still sounds like Relient K.

A lot of people feel that this record is a step back for the band, and lyrically, yeah, maybe it is. It’s a little jarring after their last release, which was phenomenal achievement in both songwriting and growth as a band, but I have no problem with a band at this stage in their career trying out different things. I have a feeling people will look back at this album with either a “love it” or “hate it” attitude, or a blip on Relient K’s career, but I’ll look back on it as an experiment that’s pretty catchy.


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