Concert Review – Andrew McMahon, April 15, 9:30 Club


Andrew McMahon swung by the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. on April 15 in support of his upcoming solo EP. I was nervous to see him without his Jack’s Mannequin bandmates, but in the end, he’s the star of the show and I wasn’t disappointed.

I wasn’t familiar with any of the openers, and judging by the reaction of the sold-out crowd, neither were they.

Hunter Hunted were up first. They played a mellow set of Califorinia-inspired indie rock, complete with a violinist, which made for a nice touch.

Kate Earl, a singer-songwriter from Alaska, played next and she tried to energize everyone by telling stories before each of her songs. They were pleasant enough indie pop, but not my cup of tea.

Erland Wanberg played third. Their latest release, “On Our Side”, was producing by Andrew, so it’s understandable why he wanted to bring them out. The Santa Barbara band  played more indie upbeat indie pop, but again, I just wasn’t as interested.

Of course, when Andrew came out, the crowd went wild. There seemed to be a mix of both old-school Something Corporate fans (like myself) and Jack’s Mannequin fans there, and Andrew delivered, playing a variety of personal and fan favorites.

The set started out slowly, with the beautiful b-side “No Man Is An Island” and moved straight into “The Mixed Tape” which got the crowd going. I was particularly excited to hear my high school anthem, “Punk Rock Princess” and my favorite b-side, “Watch The Sky”.

He played two new songs off of his upcoming EP and while I’m not 100% in love with them yet, I think once I hear them together in their full capacity, I’ll love them just as much as I love his other work.

Every time I’ve seen Andrew in any capacity, I’ve always been impressed. His life experiences and passion come through in every song he plays and he keeps things lively both in front of the piano and in the crowd. He even crowd surfed to the bar for a shot, then back at the end of the set.

He ended with an encore of “Konstantine”, which people always go crazy for, and “La La Lie”, a great anthem about good times with friends.

If you can make it to any of the remaining dates on the tour, I would highly recommend it. I’ve always loved anything Andrew puts out, and I’m excited to see where his new songs lead him in the future.

Check out a full photo gallery of the show.

Set List

1. No Man Is An Island
2. The Mixed Tape
3. I Woke Up In A Car
4. She Paints Me Blue
5. Holiday From Real
6. Watch The Sky
7. Synesthesia
8. Television
9. Swim
10. Punk Rock Princess
11. What Gets You Off
12. Learn To Dance
13. The Astronaut
14. The Resolution
15. Straw Dog
16. Dark Blue
17. Bruised
18. Konstantine
19. La La Lie


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