Everything’s Fine/Symphony Soldier Tour

I caught the last stop of the Everything’s Fine/Symphony Soldier Tour in Baltimore, Md. at Baltimore Soundstage on Sunday night. With some of the coldest air of the season, it was nice to be inside, staying warm and enjoying some great bands.

I arrived just in time for Virginia Beach’s Days Difference. I’d heard of them before, but was unfamiliar with their music. Lead singer Jeremy Smith has a strong voice and the band’s piano-based pop-rock was right up my alley. Since it was the last day of the tour, Days Difference fell victim to some light-hearted pranking, including playing their second song in complete darkness, and crew members duct taping Smith to his seat at the keyboard.

Next up was He Is We from Tacoma, Wash. I’d listened to a few clips on iTunes before heading to the show, so I knew that Rachel Taylor’s voice was strong. They played a great set full of acoustic and light pop rock tunes. The mood of the band was certainly the most mellow of the lineup, but I think that created a good mix to the show. The Summer Set’s vocalist Brian Dales came out to help sing a few songs to the enjoyment of the crowd.

The Summer Set played next as co-headliners. They had a big fan base show up, so their set was full of energy, sing-alongs and more hijinks. At one point, The Cab’s Alex DeLeon came out to join in on a song. Brian Dales is a strong vocalist live and had an amazing drum solo. Drummer Jess Bowen kept the beat throughout the set. It’s so fun to see a female drummer in a world of guys!

The Cab rounded out the show with a full set, starting with album opener “Angel With A Shotgun” and moving seamlessly through new tracks “Bad”, “Endlessly” and “La La”. They slowed things down with abbreviated versions of “Vegas Skies”, “Lovesick Fool” and “I’ll Run”, to whom they dedicated to an audience member with a disability who ran the Boston Marathon while listening to that song.

The band finished the set with a few more tracks from “Symphony Soldier” and fan favorite “Bounce”. Alex promised they would hang out after the show until they could meet every fan. Throughout the entire show, Alex was incredibly genuine in his praise for the fans and the band’s love of music. I really appreciate that sincerity and it shined throughout their set.


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