Get Your Heart On! show review

The “Get Your Heart On!” tour rolled through the D.C.-area on November 26 at The Fillmore Silver Spring in Silver Spring, Md. It was the first time I’d been to the new venue, which opened a few months ago. It has about a 2,000-person capacity, which is similar to the 9:30 Club. The interior was pristine with beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and a seated balcony area. My only complaint was that it cost an extra ten dollars to go upstairs and have a seat. But I guess since it’s a reserved seat, it makes sense. Overall, it was a great experience and the security guards were nice and helpful. They stayed out of the way of the photographers in the pit too, which was good considering we were two deep and shoulder-to-shoulder. I’ve never seen so many photographers at a show before, save for Warped Tour.

On to the show! Canadian band Mariana’s Trench was first up. I had just recently heard about them and was surprised I’d missed them. I’m usually pretty in tune with the top pop/rock bands in the scene, but maybe because they don’t tour the U.S. much they flew under my radar. I’d only had time to listen to some clips from their most recent record on iTunes. Let’s just say that with only 1 minute clips to go on, the songs they did play live were instantly recognizable to me. The hooks were just that good! They played a few songs from their new record “Ever After” as well as some from their previous fan-favorite release “Masterpiece Theater”. I was pleasantly surprised that the crowd was so into them. They had energy, sounded tight live and vocalist Josh Ramsay has some amazing pipes. I tend to be drawn to bands with strong vocalists (Acceptance, The Cab, Cartel, etc.), and I can be sure that Mariana’s Trench will be added to that list. I’m officially a fan. Now I’ve got to get familiar with their previous albums and I’m good to go!

Next up was The Cab. Fresh off the hype of their new album “Symphony Soldier”, the Las Vegas-based band  brought great energy to their set. They kicked things off with the album opener “Angel With A Shotgun” and ran through a bouncy set of new songs and some off their last album “Whisper War”, including “Animal”, “I’ll Run”, “Endlessly”, new single “Bad” and “Bounce”. Frontman Alex DeLeon is another strong vocalist and he sounded pitch-perfect live. Backed by original member and keyboardist Alex Marshall and bassist Joey Thunder, along with some touring musicians, The Cab looked to be enjoying the spotlight again after a hiatus to write the new record.

Forever The Sickest Kids played next. Their set was a nice mix of songs from “Under Dog Alma Mater” and from their most recent self-titled album. Unfortunately, it also included a song from their ill-recieved “The Weekend:Friday EP”, but luckily it was only one song. I’ve seen them quite a few times and they’re always full of energy. Frontman Jonathan Cook interacted with the crowd quite a bit and drummer Kyle Burns was amazing to watch. They finished with fan-favorite “Hey Brittany” which really got the crowd jumping.

Headliners Simple Plan took the stage for a solid hour and a half set. My history with the band began back in 2003 while I was in high school. I discovered them along with other pop-punk bands like Good Charlotte and Yellowcard. That was also the last time I saw them live. Once they got huge on MTV, I wasn’t interested in seeing them play huge stadiums. They’re now on their fourth album and although their last one “Simple Plan” didn’t make a huge impact in the U.S., they’re back with “Get Your Heart On!”, which is chock full of catchy tunes. The band has done a lot of growing up over the last 10 years, and I like their slightly more mature pop/rock sound. It translated well into an energetic set full of a mix of their extensive catalogue and a medley of cover songs (“Dynamite”, “Fuck You” and “Raise Your Glass”). I was really surprised at how young some of the fans in the audience were. Of course there were fans like me who are now in their mid-20’s, but I think the fact that the band is touring with some of the more popular bands in the scene is why the fan base is now so young. It’s great that a band that’s been around for 10 years can still be relevant in the scene and garner new fans along the way.

This was one of the better pop/rock tour lineups I’ve seen in awhile, so if the tour comes your way, be sure to check it out. Each band features solid musicians, amazing vocalists and high energy sets which equals a good time!


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I am 27 years old and I live in Fredericksburg, Va. I ride horses and event in the Va. and Md. area. I also love going to concerts in the area and doing photography.
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